14 Feb – win for 2

January 14, 2009

The winner of my New Year’s Gift – Petia Popova from ACE HR Services (HAS assessment representative for Bulgaria) excited by her luck decided to ‘pay it forward’. She offers 2 free personality assessment tests on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day.

How to participate for the award: Reply here by 02:00 h on 14 Feb’09 in English or Bulgarian sharing your thoughts or favourite quote(s) on the topic of Love.


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What is the award/reward: 2 VIP cards with username & password activated for an online test + interpretation of it. Whoever wins, wins the 2 cards (for his/her partner or friend).

Who would win: On 14 Feb’09 at 14:00 h the winner will be announced here, contacted & introduced to Petia by e-mail. The formulae by which the winner will be determined are saved in a draft here & a hard copy – given to Petia in a sealed envelope. The 3 formulae are based on: a) if particpants are up to 3; b) if participants are up to 10; c) if participants are above 10. As the the first participant cannot win but counts as a vote, I take the first comment myself. Now, it’s your turn to win for 2!  

13 Responses to “14 Feb – win for 2”

  1. Rayn@ Says:

    [As the blog owner, my comment counts as a vote only] To me Love is to enjoy sharing, giving and receiving. And my favourite quote on love is by the Bulgarian writer – Elin Pelin: ‘За любовта кой каквото каже – все е вярно!’ Елин Пелин [‘Anything said on love by anyone – is always true’]

  2. Andy Says:

    For me it’s best expressed in Dassin’s song: Et si tu n’existais pas… [If you did not exist…]. It sounds better in French, though. ‘And if you did not exist, tell me how I would exist, I could pretend to be me, but I would not be true’…Awesome!

  3. Justine Says:

    Jacques Prevert
    Paris at Night

    Trois allumettes une à une allumées dans la nuit
    La premiére pour voir ton visage tout entier
    La seconde pour voir tes yeux
    La dernière pour voir ta bouche
    Et l’obscuritè tout entière pour me rappeler tout cela
    En te serrant dans mes bras.

    (In English)
    [Three matches one by one struck in the night
    The first to see your face in it’s entirety
    The second to see your eyes
    The last to see your mouth
    And the darkness all around to remind me of all these
    As I hold you in my arms.]

  4. Kapka Says:

    Здравей Райне,
    Темата за любовта може да има много различни и понякога изненадващи измерения и за да илюстрирам това прилагам 2 цитата от Жак Саломе (преведени от мен от френски) :

    1. Поемам риска да Ви обичам

    Познавам моите многобройни чувства,
    Познавам това, което е моя свобода,
    И тази най-трудна свобода
    Да обичаш свободата на другия.
    Знам че, всяка сутрин трябва да се почва отначало.
    Знам, че разстоянието
    oсветява моя път.
    Познавам независимостта,
    живееща в дланите Ви.
    Познавам много любови
    мимолетни и крехки.
    Знам, че добре да обичаш
    е винаги трудно.
    Знам, че всеки момент,
    ми е нужно пак да съм при Вас.
    Без да предавам себе си.
    Но въпреки това,
    поемам риска
    да Ви обичам.

    2. Една книга е най-утвърденото средство да правите любов с ближния, особено ако не го познавате, карайки го да мечтае и да пътува оттатък вашите слова.

    из ” Lettres a l’intime de soi”, Jacques Salome

  5. Lora Says:

    It is passion, admiration and respect. If you have two, you have enough. If you have all three, you don’t have to die to go to heaven. (William Wharton)

  6. Victoria Says:

    “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction both are transformed”
    Carl Jung

    To Him: “Love me tender, love me sweet…”

    When I first read this quotation the immediate association that came to my imaginative (I think) mind was the word “love”. Chemistry – therefore love. Such relation is quite widespread and undoubtedly its supporters have their point. As chemical substances usually act unpredictably, so do our emotions. The feelings we experience for other people are totally uncontrolled. As B. Pascal said “The heart has its own reasons, in which reason knows nothing”. I could not agree more! The mind might try to subordinate the feelings but they are no subjects to its creation and thus they become “disobedient”. Feelings originate somewhere deeper, somewhere darker, somewhere secret.
    Additionally, ”We realize what we have had only after we lose it” is a famous old truth. My theory of soul–conspiracy comes from the fact that very often we discover our sentiments in retrospection. First we have the result and only after that we deconstruct it into segments. All these arguments concerning love demonstrate their strong bond to chemistry. No?! Therefore I agree with His Majesty Mister Jung and proudly announce that I have been involved in a chemical reaction!
    Love… What is it?
    No one can truly define love, and yet within our hearts there are its words. Love can be completely beyond our grasp, or right in front of us. It lives somewhere between calm and passion, between clarity and obscurity, and between music and silence… Love is the vilest of all angels. Love is a blind guide. Love is all we need! ;–)
    Shy gift of friendship, imaginary sparks, elusive “stomach butterflies”, “head over hills”, fiery passion, unrequited burning, icy ardor, sick obsession, fair fear, helpless force, real illusion, sacred flesh union, foolish sacrifice, normal madness, demonical game, funny affection, breath–taking devotion… The list is unending. Every thrilling or ever thrilled soul on Earth can add a definition. Love reveals itself in many ways. Touching every moment and aspect of our lives, love has no boundaries of time, place and might.
    It is very unlikely that in cultural, literary or spiritual research of all times, another issue has been more often discussed, more explicitly described, more controversial and more… painful than love. The question of love is far more extensive and even infinite to be put in a few pages. Pages, written by a non-psychologist, a non-poet, a non-anthropologist, a non-fictionist or a different kind of a connoisseur of the humankind. It is only the unpretentious opinion of a girl. A girl at a sensitive age (which age is insensitive, I wonder…) and very thrilled by the cruel challenges of the heart. Naturally, I write them.
    In the numerous pieces of writings I have done for academic, mark–aiming or just revelation–seeking purposes I have always mentioned the subject of love. But most often it has been touched by some unpleasant, sometimes even harmful inspirations. It has always been a bitter experience. Namely – because it has been an EX–perience – not a current state of affairs.
    You have probably already guessed that now the author has a different reason for writing THIS particular essay: she does not exclude the obligatory element of assignment (which she has always considered a great muse!), and, of course, the other, far more charming motive: the current, CURRENT state of affairs. She is in love and she feels loved! Can she wish for anything better?
    She cannot. She is now content, joyful, happy, hopeful, she is ecstatic, confident, and even smug, she is fulfilled, taken care of, she is simply lovestruck!
    All these feelings plus a great amount of a sense of security, companionship, and reliability are present. And everything is due to the availability of love. However, most of the terms used to describe it tend to be abstract, which makes love defined only by common sense and, of course, by personal experience. It is a complex process that undergoes a number of changes while a complete form is achieved: if there is such a form… Love is the sharing of common interests, ideas, and emotions, which leads to a strong spiritual connection between two people. This argumentation leads to the association with another widespread and even more abstract notion – namely – friendship.
    The exact meaning of friendship is a topic discussed from ancient times. Plato is one of the firsts to explore the idea. He says, “Friends have all things in common”. This quotation introduces the concept of “commonship” between friends. In order for a friendship to begin and to last for an extensive period of time, there has to be a joining force between people. This force may also be referred to as “chemical”. Quite often this is a certain common interest, similarity in ideas or just the mysterious magic that attracts us to each other. No matter what the source or the type of the closeness is, its ability to serve as activation energy of the love phenomenon is significant.
    Furthermore, Aristotle extends the idea. He claims that friends are complementary parts: “Friendship/love (I add) is a single soul in two bodies.” Therefore, we may look at it as one organism. (Here I open brackets to mention really briefly the question of sex and what it has to do with love. I devote to it attention only “in brackets” because of the ideal, “pink–balloonish”, strictly romantic aspect I want to contribute to my essay and deprive it of any possible eroticism. The reason, naturally, is the above–mentioned CURRENT state of affairs. Speaking of “organisms” my imaginative (as I said) mind is swiftly sent on to “body” and thence – sex. Or: making love. So far, in this composition, I have been trying to analyse and deconstruct love. Though, a natural anxiety appears: will I be able to re–construct it? Fortunately, “making love” comes to help! ;–) The brackets became slightly more extensive than I had expected, which proves the indisputable necessity of the so called physical realization of love.) To go on with Aristotle: Friendship shares sorrow, grief, happiness, hope, and fear – emotions and possible states of the human mind. The same goes for love, I claim. Therefore, friendship and love grow from a healthy acquaintance and need time to evolve, to reinforce the connection between the two spirits. Then they will reach the level at which the shared interests and affection will turn into complementary parts of one sole soul.
    This evolution sequence is one of the most difficult steps in the establishment of relationships. Acquaintance is connected with meeting and exchanging a few words, whilst love is a complex process involving matching and joining of human souls. And the most toilsome of all tasks is keeping it alive.
    Moreover, as I have introduced you to the basic frame of what love is to me, I will make an attempt to examine it more deeply. When a person is asked what does his/her beloved have inside, he/she supplies the “interviewer” with series of virtues: a number of the most common are trust, honesty, loyalty, understanding, respect, caring, kindness, commitment, intelligence, etc. Clearly, the mentioned ones have strong positive connotations. Therefore, I may conclude that love is the union of the positive ideas of two minds. Most of the qualities I have stated above, are states of mind and heart. Besides they are types of connection between characters. Again we meet the “chemical bond” concept. Naturally, a love relationship consists of the connection, the union of the positive aspects of a human soul. Nevertheless, we all know that matters of love are not that perfect. It is easy to love the virtues but what happens to defects? The usual reaction of a person “in love” is to ignore them and continue to live in a “pink balloon”. It is facile, pleasant and quite commonly – unconscious. We like to feel “up in the clouds” and furiously resist any attempt to be “enlightened”…
    Moreover, since no human being is likely to be called “perfect”, real life situations may serve as examples. Mine may be easily called a perfect…example (unfortunately:–). It is widely known that relationships are not only connected with sharing of significant emotions, but quarrels and abrasions are possible in this kind of expression of profound fondness. This fact is undoubtedly due to the expectations people have of each other, from the images they create before the actual events, from the dreams they have had and, of course, from the abundant artistic, novelistic and Hollywoodistic visions of the phenomenon of love.
    An interesting question is the one about the existence of true love. This idea may sometimes be considered rather utopian. Although true love may be a very unrealistic goal, humankind keeps trying to achieve it. Or better put – to believe in it. The positivism, the union of people, the sharing of souls between lovers creates constant motion in the world, thus making it alive and interesting. After all, love is the beginning of life. Love is the eternal seeking, the subject of people’s hopes and dreams, the reason for a deep grief and sometimes even the cause for a spiritual death… Love is that almighty.
    Concerning transformation: all the above–mentioned sensations, feelings and states of mind occur at the instant of falling in the spell of love. Some of them we feel consequently, some are so subtle that we never find out about them, and some come all at once – to make you dizzy, to make you enchanted, to make you a different person.
    To sum up, what we come to realize is that love is a word that we use to express what is most wondrous – the inexpressible. Love’s power is to transform a simple smile, a blossom, a sunset, and even a whole personality into something far richer, creating poetry and beauty at any moment…

  7. Eric Says:

    ‘There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.’ (George Bernard Shaw). To me, valid for love quite often … but prefer the second option, anyaway.

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  9. bebeto Says:

    Love is everything!

  10. Ivanka Says:

    Just missed the chance to win the award but would like to offer to your attention the best definition of love I have ever heard. While most people think love cannot be defined, here is how Mike Lipkin, a world-renowned motivator and communicator answers to the challenge:
    Lipkin’s definition of love: both a verb and a noun; the ultimate engagement; personal strength; the antidote to selfishness; an umbilical connection to others; a willingness to do more for others than one would do for oneself; an enduring source of energy and inspiration; being simultaneously vulnerable and powerful; a prolific generator of pleasure and pain.

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