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14 Feb – win for 2

January 14, 2009

The winner of my New Year’s Gift – Petia Popova from ACE HR Services (HAS assessment representative for Bulgaria) excited by her luck decided to ‘pay it forward’. She offers 2 free personality assessment tests on the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day.

How to participate for the award: Reply here by 02:00 h on 14 Feb’09 in English or Bulgarian sharing your thoughts or favourite quote(s) on the topic of Love.


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What is the award/reward: 2 VIP cards with username & password activated for an online test + interpretation of it. Whoever wins, wins the 2 cards (for his/her partner or friend).

Who would win: On 14 Feb’09 at 14:00 h the winner will be announced here, contacted & introduced to Petia by e-mail. The formulae by which the winner will be determined are saved in a draft here & a hard copy – given to Petia in a sealed envelope. The 3 formulae are based on: a) if particpants are up to 3; b) if participants are up to 10; c) if participants are above 10. As the the first participant cannot win but counts as a vote, I take the first comment myself. Now, it’s your turn to win for 2!  


For better life

January 14, 2009

Numerous people living in Bulgaria gathered today in a rally to voice their wishes for better life in Bulgaria. Thanks to Boyan Yurukov those who could not join the initiative in person had the possibility to do so virtually  at