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Noblesse oblige

January 12, 2009

One of my favourite sayings in French is ‘Noblesse oblige’which the French Wiktionary defines as ‘whoever claims to be noble must conduct himself nobly’.


Petia Popova

I was happy to see My New Year’s Gifts in the hands of the Winners. Petia said: ‘I wanted so much to win and I’m happy I did. …’ Petia is a certified HAS expert, so as a winner she proposed to “pay it forward’, by offering a free HAS test for St. Valentine’s day. Stay tuned. The rules will be announced here on 14 Jan’09.


Mariya Trifonova

Mariya is a trainer, HR consultant & Red Cross volunteer: ‘Hey, it is a great 2009 start! This small disko ball is the greatest anti-stress gift I have ever received!…’
To their full ‘Thanks’ comments.

However, it has been bothering me that the first drawn was Velqn (who was invited to attend), but gave up his luck to another draw. Noblesse oblige. So as an impromptu  Thank You gesture this week one more copy of Shakespeare’s sonnets will go to him … and one more shiny ball to Justine – for their time & support. Bon week!

To the Album (7 Jan’09) from the lucky draw event.