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Who bit my cheese

December 19, 2008

apple_busines_pundit      Some while ago came across: After The  Crisis: A Parody of 15 Corporate Logos via Business Pundit– creatively entertaining. 
                     Today elsewhere came across aligned spelling of Merry Crisismas.
      ‘The world lasts because it laughs’.

Passionately productive

December 18, 2008

Passionate people question things, probe and push. Productive people get things done. With the former: ‘Who’s got the time to deal with that?’ With the latter: ‘No questions asked.’ Logic + Emotion on Passion vs. Productive.

Cheers to beers :-)

December 18, 2008

beerAs earlier this month the blog stats here showed 10,000 views, this made me have a quick glance back over the past 5 months. To my big surprise & astonishment the top search term since launch till now seems to be ‘beer’, top post on the law of attraction. So, an impromptu 10Q note for surfing by & cheers 🙂 Image: stockxpert

On copywriting

December 16, 2008

seth_godin‘Unlike Any Coffee You’ve Ever Tasted Before.’
If you wonder the wording or the word visualisation … and if the power of smart copywriting is of interest to you, surf through Seth Godin’s blog.
On coffee  … whoops … copy writing.

That’s Eng(l)rish

December 14, 2008 has quite a collection of funny mistakes in English from around the world. Some mistakes can be due to purely linguistic differences. For example in the Japanese language there is no distinction between [r] and [l], so if Raundry Shop makes one smile, imagine if someone for whom there is no distinction between above two phonemes, extends congratulations on somebody’s election – this can make one very emballassed …whoops …embarrassed.

The Moon & the Stars

December 12, 2008

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The Moon earlier this month – when Jupiter, Venus and Moon were a spectacular view – I wanted very much to have this photo, which I spotted the day after. But it took me some time to find the author. Finally I did (just after posting Zodiac Essays – the stars must be involved somehow 🙂 and am delighted to include it. Author: Todor Tonkov