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December 1, 2008

eenk_sunset The sunset over Sofia last night must have been spectacular. I’ve missed it, but Elenko hasn’t. I find such fire-ish sights awesomely fairy-ish. The very few times I’ve seen such a sunset, I wished I had my camera on.


(Some)one, (some)where…

December 1, 2008

Sometimes both form & content (with poetry) can be beyond one if one is not familiar with the language. In the summer via a friend I met Cahit Yargıcı and was happy to receive as a gift his poetry book ‘İçimdeki Irmak’ [The Spring Inside Me] – the improptu translations made me relate to the content somehow. He was working on his second book ‘Martıların Çığlığı’ [The Seagulls’ Squawking].

fethiyedenhaber It’s been ages since I’ve received a hand-written letter but the other day I found in my mailbox his book (just out of print). The language is still very much beyond me, but if it is not beyond you, here’s some information – in Turkish.