The Secret – workshop in Sofia

November 19, 2008

the_secret The Law of Attraction – what is it? Do you remember the movie ‘The Secret’ ? Communication. Relationships. Emotional intelligence. Trust in ourselves and in others. How our own thoughts affect the law of attraction. Coached by: Basilio Christou – top facilitator from Insight seminars. 
In English with translation in Bulgarian.


28 November’08 – 18.30-23.00

29 November’08 – 09.00-17.00


Sofia, Park Hotel Moscow, Hall ‘Kiev’

Who to contact

0888 707 907 Rositza Kossacheva (for more information & registration)



11 Responses to “The Secret – workshop in Sofia”

  1. […] The Secret – семинар в София Публикувано на 19.11.08 за тема Общи Хей, ако си за пръв път тук може да се абонираш за моята RSS емисия. Тук можеш да прочетеш повече за Приятно изкарване, радвам се, че намина!Ако сте гледали филма Тайната и се вълнувате от теми като: закон за привличането, комуникация, взаимоотношения, емоционалната интелигентност … ви интересуват, хвърлете един поглед тук. […]

  2. astral_buddy Says:

    I’ve been thinking how I could find a translated version of the movie “The secret” in Bulgarian language, or with Bulgarian subtitles… It shook me thoroughly, when i watched it for the first time. I wanted to send it to my parents and friends in Bulgaria, but the language issue appeared. So, do you know by any chance, if the movie has already been translated to Bulgarian? Please, let me know. Many thanks in advance ;]

  3. Rayn@ Says:

    Dear Astral, I saw the movie in English, but will check around with friends and revert to you. Have a great day!

  4. astral_buddy Says:

    cool, that would be nice ;]

  5. Nelly Dimitrova Says:

    There is translation in bg. I saw the Secret two years ago in Bulgarian. I have it on CD

  6. astral_buddy Says:

    Nelly, here is my e-mail:

    Please, contact me (as I wouldn’t ask for your e-mail here). I really want to get a copy of the movie in BG language for my family and friends in Bulgaria. It’s a shocking surprise for me, that the movie does exist in translated version to Bulgarian. Thank you so much for the info ;] I truly appreciate it.

  7. […] The Secret – workshop in Sofia […]

  8. edelvais Says:

    hello, i have been looking for the secret with bulgarian subtitles very long time but i couldnt find it,
    Nelly if you can can you please contact me and send me the movie if you can.
    Thank you !

  9. edelvais Says:

    my email is

  10. Rayna Says:

    @ astral_buddy and edelvais:

    I just came across this (in Bulgarian)- – if you are still interested.

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