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Recep İvedik

November 30, 2008

Beyond the exaggerated figure of an outsider and a bunch of comic situations – some vulgar, others – not, the ‘Recep İvedik’ movie was recommended to me as comedy. I was curious to see what a contemporary Turkish comedy implies, but most likely I was not in a mood for a burlesque today, as somehow the fun (not the comedian) failed me. On a separate, however the same note, civil vs. uncivil – is it funny or gloomy, I still wonder.


November 30, 2008

raiska-yabalkaFriends brought over this and it took me some time to figure out what it was. In Bulgarian it is called ‘райска ябълка’, which literally translates in English as ‘paradise apple’. Officially known as persimmon – an edible fruit. Digging a bit into the etymology I found out the botanic name comes from Greek, meaning ‘divine fire’. Looks great but tastes strange (for me). The saying – on taste and colour there are no friends – came out true again.


November 29, 2008


It’s been the second time I attend a seminar coached by Basilio Christou, certified facilitator for Insight Seminars. The past two days on the Law of Attraction were insightful. Ask – Believe – Receive. Easier said than done but after those two days I look forward to having it the other way round. For more information on upcoming Insight events & seminars in Bulgaria, e-mail or click here.


November 27, 2008

R. Kossacheva

On the forthcoming workshop on the Law of Attraction I was attracted by the attractive approach of the 3 words rooted in attract by the major supporter of the event:


what you want


to what you want



As I was attracted, my next post will appear on Sunday – if I attract sunshine 🙂 otherwise around moon time on Monday.


November 26, 2008

Via Money and My Life I came across a book titled ‘Buylogy’ (Seth Brown). After my initial fascination with the coinage, to buy or not to buy, that is my question.

On birds & wires …

November 24, 2008

It is hard to be a bird in a wireless communication age. Cool! Via