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More on exclusion mechanisms

October 16, 2008

Still under the influence of the Grönholm Method , I just came across an article in NRC Handelsblad on the topic of living in Amsterdam by British sociologist Adrian Favell, professor at the University of California. ‘Or being “weird” which Amsterdammers are very proud of, but which nobody else understands…’ If you are planning to move to Amsterdam, Brussels or London you may wish to throw a glance at Favell’s article .

The Grönholm Method

October 16, 2008

Swedish Defence (original title ‘El mètode Grönholm’) by Jordi Galceran at Little City Theatre Sofia. The “Grönholm Method” in a nutshell – eliminating applicants by subjecting them to a series of psychological tests. Who is a ‘mole’ and who is an ‘applicant’, and exactly what qualities are needed to get one up there to a desired position- it all gets loud and clear at the end. Enjoyed the brilliant play and cast.