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At present on gifts

October 30, 2008

The excitement about choosing a gift for me is about matching what I believe the recipient might like & the message I’d like to convey (if any). One of the best gifts I once received was in the print (in very small letters) which I discovered time after receiving the gift. How could I have missed that bit then … and in the present moment of the discovery – yet another gift. The inexplicit – that’s what drives me [crazy, too] in choosing a gift. At present.

On blogs & influence

October 29, 2008

Individuals have always had influence over their social circles, so what’s the next logical progression – worthy of note reading from Mitch Joel on the influence of blogs beyond SEO (search engine optimization).

Automatic response

October 27, 2008

Recently I received the following Automatic Reply: ‘From now on I will be checking my e-mail only once a week  – on a Monday…’ Have to admit I loved the honesty in it. A phone number was given in case of an emergency. ‘Sorry about this, but life is too short to spend looking at a screen all day’. On the Monday after I’d sent my message, I got a reply. Sincere & committed. Admirable!

Frogblog :-)

October 26, 2008

On 25-26 October’08 the francophones have had an international colloquium in Sofia on the topic ‘Internet – necessity of communicating differently’, which I wish I’d attended. The presentation of my co-alumnus Ilia Iliev, French studies lecturer at the Sofia University, was on the topic: ‘Observations on neologisms in political blogs’ (which I just had the pleasure of going through). When it comes to political blogs the French can be very Sarcostique.

Scrabble with t-win-s

October 26, 2008

Twin little ladies at the roots of a twin tree. Playing scrabble with TweedleA & TweedleB Ani & Bobi – is no win. If they can’t come up with a word in French, they do so with a word in English. Be it a neologism, ‘papa‘ or ‘daddy’ – at the final score those t w i n s always win. Photo: Christian Zozol



October 26, 2008

I somehow prefer adjusting clocks backward rather than adjusting forward. One hour backward on a Sunday 🙂 But adjusting to the adjusted time in the next few days is a bit awkward for a summer & sunshine freak.