More unforgetable spots

September 30, 2008

Dead Sea … Desert … Red Sea – each with its charm and uniqueness.

3 Responses to “More unforgetable spots”

  1. Dana Ramoni Says:

    Beautiful pictures of the Dead Sea I really hope you were the one who got to take them. If so you must have had a great time. One day I hope to go.

    looking forward to more posts

  2. Rayn@ Says:

    Dear Dana, thanks. These are indeed my personal photos. I could e-mail you some more if you wish (as I do not have time to arrange them in a gallery although will try to do it over the wknd). It is an incredible place.

  3. […] October 7, 2008 Sharing more photos with friends from my recent travel, they seem to be intrigued by this one of a Bedouin. One’s way of life can be so […]

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