La Reine blogging

September 18, 2008

La Reine

La Reine of which I wrote some while ago has started her own blog today. If you read Bulgarian that would be a place full of interesting thoughts and ideas, that I assume by the personality of the blogger. Yes, that’s her on the picture…on the wave of dreams. Photo: Boshnakova weblog.

2 Responses to “La Reine blogging”

  1. […] a few bloggers (in Bulgarian): Velqn – my Blog Guru, Kapka – my Blog Guree, D. Boshnakova (La Reine), Peter & Dimitar (the latter until tonight I only knew via my Blogroll) and a […]

  2. […] y un café para la Reina, el Rey de películas, mi blog mentor y para todos los fens de N.O.H.A. […]

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