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More unforgetable spots

September 30, 2008

Dead Sea … Desert … Red Sea – each with its charm and uniqueness.


September 30, 2008

The archaeological rock site of Petra, among the new Seven Wonders of the World, I can only describe as a wonder that makes one wonder how such wonder survived through time.

Not Quite Live from Golgotha

September 30, 2008

I was away for a while visiting one of the oldest cities in the world: Jerusalem. They say it translates as the city of peace in Hebrew. Jerusalem is far from being fully felt in a few days or shots but I can’t help sharing my favourite ones. What struck me most during the short visit was the respect and tolerance among common people we met be they adherents to Judaism, Islam or Christian religious beliefs.

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PS. My 2008 Israel Album.

Away for a while

September 20, 2008

I will be away from my virtual spot for a while. The next update will follow on 30 September hopefully. Best to you & thanks for surfing by!

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Festina lente

September 19, 2008

How much wisdom to learn from the motto of Augustus (the first Emperor of the Roman Empire) – ‘Festina lente’ [hurry slowly]…I was reminded of it today … and it was a day one is up to call it a day.

La Reine blogging

September 18, 2008

La Reine

La Reine of which I wrote some while ago has started her own blog today. If you read Bulgarian that would be a place full of interesting thoughts and ideas, that I assume by the personality of the blogger. Yes, that’s her on the picture…on the wave of dreams. Photo: Boshnakova weblog.