Museum of Innocence

August 31, 2008

Thanks to Smiling  just found out that Orhan Pamuk’s latest novel The Museum of Innocence has been released yesterday in Turkish. I am currently enjoying ‘The Black Book’ in English, so as a fan of him, look forward to his latest.

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  1. nur from Istanbul Says:

    I’ve the book in my hands & I have just watched an interview with Pamuk on Tv about the Museum of Innocence:) He said the novel was to be published at the same time(29th) in other countries-in different languages as well. so you shall be able to get it in a few days I guess..Once more, it is fascinating..cheers.

  2. Rayna Says:

    Sevgili Nur, Tesekkurler! (My Turkish is yet at a very basic level and that’s about all I can say – Thank you!). Will read it as soon as I get it in English or in Bulgarian. Iyi aksamlar! Rayn@

  3. nur from Istanbul Says:

    A Correction:(
    It is written on the net that the first translation to be in German and to be published in 2 weeks, which is to be followed with other >30 languages..Sorry for misunderstanding..

  4. nur from Istanbul Says:

    nice surprise; iyi akşamlar to you too:)

  5. Rayna Says:

    No porblem, Nur. Happy to see you in this post. I wonder how you came across my blog. You must be reading O. Pamuk in Turkish, right? (I assume by the name. If I am correct Nur in Turkish means Light). Right?

  6. nur from Istanbul Says:

    That’s right:) I’ve bought the book yesterday, all the display windows of the bookstores in Turkey has turned into pale yellow with a pink ’56 model chevrolet on it-the front cover of the novel..
    I was trying to find some reviews-critics from the foreign press & seen your page on google. I realized that it’s a bit early to find reviews:)
    One more new to you then from Turkey about the book which is ‘the Museum of Innocence’ to be a real museum in Istanbul. Pamuk bought a building in Beyoğlu district-in Istanbul some years ago, restorated it with an architect to make it a real museum, in which all the objects reminding the memories-mentioned in the book will be displayed in that museum.. He says he began to collect those objects 6 years ago when he started to write the novel. Isn’t it fascinating!!

  7. Rayna Says:

    Wow! You even make me more to want to read it sooner. Once it is published in Bulgarian, I will collect local reviews here, summarise them and send them over to you. Most probably I will also drop a line in my blog. Gurusuruz!

  8. nur from Istanbul Says:

    That would be nice, I’ll check the blog occasionally then.. Nice to meet you Rayna.. enjoy the Black Book also:) Görüşürüz..

  9. Rayna Says:

    Nice to meet you, too, Nur. Will stay in touch.

  10. Justine Says:

    thanks me too for the info – I am interested when this museum will be open to go to Istanbul and visit it? Thank you!

  11. nur from Istanbul Says:

    Hi Justine,
    There is no information about the date, depending on this I do NOT think that it’s going to be so early-I mean in a few weeks-a month or so.. But they wouldn’t want the case to get cold, my prediction is the opening may be in 6 months or so, but again it’s just my prediction, not an announcement..

    one more new:) a copy from a site:

    ”Additionally, Pamuk has written two articles related to his new novel. The first article sheds light on the literary, personal and philosophical sources of “Masumiyet Müzesi,” and the second one discusses the themes of famous love stories in general. The publication dates of the articles are not yet known.”


  12. nur Says:

    is it allowed to ad a link here by the way? 🙂

    here is one you can see O.Pamuk visiting many museums in europe & us, researching, while writing his novel..
    It’s the site of the novel which is only in Turkish for now, so the link belongs to photos part only:)


  13. Rayna Says:

    Thank YOU, Nur! Very interesting indeed.

  14. Justine Says:

    Nur, I plan to go to Istanbul in spring, let’s hope the museum will be open then 🙂 Thanks for the info and the link!

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  16. nur Says:

    You’re all welcome.. I may add a notice if any other information is available..
    Istanbul is magnificent in spring by the way, I would suggest from mid-april to end-may 🙂

  17. serdar Says:

    Hi, we have a review site dedicated to the latest novel of Pamuk. Take a look if you are interested:


  18. Rayn@ Says:

    Thanks, Serdar! Good idea. Best rgds!

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