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Museum of Innocence

August 31, 2008

Thanks to Smiling  just found out that Orhan Pamuk’s latest novel The Museum of Innocence has been released yesterday in Turkish. I am currently enjoying ‘The Black Book’ in English, so as a fan of him, look forward to his latest.

St. Petka Temple in Tran

August 31, 2008
St Petka - centuries-old rock temple

St Petka - centuries-old rock temple

A small rock temple of St. Petka, centuries-old, probably dating back to the 11th century, up on the hill above the town of Tran. A hospitable local woman takes us around and tells most interesting stories about it.

Village of Nasalevtsi

August 31, 2008

An awesome 600+ centuries-old oak tree in the small village of Nasalevtsi (some 10 kms away from the town Tran). Under the magnificent shade of the oak tree is the Church “Nativity of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos”.

Centuries-old oak tree

Centuries-old oak tree & the Church in Nasalevtsi

And up the slope of the hill at the top where the rock can be seen (known by the local people as Щърби камик [The Clipped Stone] passes the border between Bulgaria and Serbia. One of those little-known, but peaceful & most relaxing nature spots in Bulgaria.


Щърби камик [The Clipped Stone]