J. Aćin

August 19, 2008

Discovered the writings of Jovica Aćin through a friend of a friend of mine. I have known Rusanka Lyapova for over 10 years now but it was quite recently that I found out she is translating J. Aćin in Bulgarian. Live and learn what your friends’ friends do. With J. Aćin I get a bit lost in the right track – life being an illusion or illusion being life…

One Response to “J. Aćin”

  1. Lala Putnik Says:

    What to say of someone who’s whole biography, at the official website (written in very poor English, by the way, which sounds like a literal translation from Serbian), states “Several times he was sentenced because of dissenting opinion and so-called insult against the head of state”? Especially if you come from the person’s own place of birth, you’re about the same age, and you’ve witnessed those times, when, yes, people were sentenced for such things, even some of his close literary friends, but you do not remember the person in question being among the sentenced? “Life being an illusion, or illusion being life,” indeed. It’s all so petty.

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