Father & daughter

July 23, 2008

Father Alexander Lashkov has been a priest at the St. Trinity Church (28, Konstantin Velichkov Blvd) in Sofia since 1993. His books ‘In Spirit and in Truth” and “The Road to the Temple’ (in Bulgarian) can be read online here. A graduate of the Sofia Theological Seminary . In his youth he was a composer and orchestra conductor (a graduate of the Plovdiv Music Conservatory, as well). Composes church music and is the author of 5 Mass pieces (liturgies). A Father I am grateful to know via one of his daughters.

Dessislava Lashkova-Pisheva, MA in English Philology and Management & Development in Human Resources. Sometimes people’s life paths cross for good (the pun is intended). The necklace jewel  this Jewel is wearing is a special gift. And the gift for this special (birth)day for both Father & daughetr is this post. God bless you!

3 Responses to “Father & daughter”

  1. Iveta Says:

    Happy birthday beloved Dessi 🙂

    Kisses from Iveto

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