New Life

July 21, 2008

I wonder if we perceive things differently in different languages. Most of Orhan Pamuk (My Name is Red, Snow [Nobel-prize winner], The White Castle, New Life …) I read in Bulgarian. Istanbul – in English. Intricate and sophisticated. I wonder how Pamuk’s masterpieces read in the original  – a language challenge for linguists – beginner learners. Benim adım Kırmızı değil. Benim adım Rayn@ … Sizin adınız ne?


4 Responses to “New Life”

  1. Христо Says:

    Excellent! I am learning turkish now, and one of my goals is to read these books in author’s native language. I think this will made a big difference. It was not easy for me to make even such a simple sentence, what is your secret? Do you study the language, or is it just a gift? 🙂

  2. tzvetkova Says:

    Dear Christo, I learn it via textbooks that have a CD (Teach Yourself Turkish – available in bookstores) and Pimsleur’s (borrowed from a freind). I am just a beginners’ level. Best of luck to you! Rgds, Rayn@

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