Welcome to my blog

July 2, 2008

Thanks to the help of the prominent blogger Velian Staykov this weblog just went live. Laptops & beer on the table in the quiet atmosphere of the garden of Your Place (more on their hospitality & delicious food will follow) and there it is. Cheers!

This weblog will focus on things that impress me. Stay tuned. Comments will be most welcome! 

With kind regards, Rayn@

PS. My blog guru’s & my laptops.
‘Size matters”, as the guru says.
Photo: velqn.com

7 Responses to “Welcome to my blog”

  1. velqn Says:


  2. […] however in the rest of the time (right), Mr. Staykov is bloggy casual, blogging or helping start-up bloggers, or composing music (No. 1 in the Blog Rank Bulgaria/music – as is as of […]

  3. […] back over the past 5 months. To my big surprise & astonishment the top search term since launch till now seems to be ‘beer’, top post on the law of attraction. So, an impromptu 10Q […]

  4. […] My laptop – see 2 below  (for the same […]

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  6. […] this blog turns 3 years old. I once asked a friend (known here in the comments as Norod) how he came across it. He gave […]

  7. […] first leap year post since the beginning of my blogging adventure. Odd day, occurring only once in 4 years. In a life span of 80 it would […]

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