When Nietzsche Wept

April 1, 2014

After his novels on Schopenhauer and Spinoza, Irwin Yalom’s ‘When Nietzsche Wept‘ was another intriguing gem. Reading the great thinker’s ideas in a different context – fictional encounter between Nietzsche and Breuer – appeals to readers interested in both philosophy and psychology.

‘Did you live your life or were you lived by it? Did you choose it or did it choose you?’ … questions we all sometimes ponder over. A novel about the confrontation and avoidance of one’s greatest fears and weaknesses. And inner struggles.

Open Doors at Victor Hugo School

March 29, 2014

On 29 March 2014 the French School and Kindergarten ” Victor Hugo” in Sofia hosted an ‘Open Doors’ Day for everyone who wished to be acquainted first-hand with the campus. Each visitor was assigned children from the school as tour guides and they proudly showed visitors around the various labs and school rooms. During the Open Day visitors learned about:

  • The advantages of the French school in Bulgaria;
  • The content of the curriculum;
  • Training in the school, exams and opportunities for future development and much more.

School and Kindergarten “Victor Hugo” are part of the 488 French schools located in 130 countries. This is the largest and most prestigious network of international schools in the world. For more information visit:


Victor Hugo School, Sofia – http://www.vhugo.org

Mask Ball 2014

March 23, 2014

It has been 15 years now that Svetla and Kaloyan Georgievi have been organizing a traditional Mask Ball for friends every year in the dawn of Spring, where fancy costumes are a must.


Svetla and Kaloyan Georgievi

The party each year attracts 120-150 spirited bohemians and is usually lots of fun. It is people like those two who definitely make the world a much more smiling and entertaining place.

To Mask Ball 2014 Album

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And a few highlights from 5 years ago. Sweet memories.

In a trillionth of a second

March 19, 2014

Everything we see today was imprinted in less than a trillionth of a second. Isn’t that amazing? ‘Cosmic inflation: ‘Spectacular’ discovery hailed’ (Source: BBC News Science & Environment)


“Everything we see today – the galaxies, the stars, the planets – was imprinted at that moment”

Poetic Café – Recycling

March 16, 2014

Three years ago I attended Poetic Café for the first time and what intrigued me then was the community of people who share the same passion for poetry and its beauty.

J Toms March 2014Today’s topic ‘Recycling‘ made poets recite poems on recycled memories, loves, pains, dreams … It was a very poetic Sunday afternoon in the warm atmosphere of Studio 5 Café – NDK, Sofia.

Information on the forthcoming monthly events can be found at kafene.bg (in Bulgarian). On the photo Justine Toms – organiser and poet contributor to Poetic Café.

The Spinoza Problem

March 15, 2014

After the ‘The Schopenhauer Cure’, ‘The Spinoza Problem‘ by Irvin Yalom, was not less absorbing. Alternating between Golden Age Amsterdam and the life of Spinoza, and Nazi Germany and the inner struggles of Rosenberg, the novel deals with the best and the worst in human nature.

It involves the reader in pondering over life’s meaning, God, death, community and religion. In a nutshell – philosophy and history from existential point of view. Fact and imagination are separated and it becomes quite clear what is what from a note by the author at the end of the novel.


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