Au bout du conte

September 22, 2014

Au bout du conte‘ (At the End of the Tale) was au bout du compte (eventually; in the end) an enchanting French tale with fabulous shots, soundtrack and messy turnarounds. Dreams, reality and every character struggling with one’s own issues. Do princes from tales for which every girl dreams exist – the movie gives the answer(s) …

Au bout du compte cinema on demand online in Bulgaria –


September 21, 2014

All Turkish sea resorts share the same lively atmosphere, however, each one is amazing with its own idiosyncrasy. Be it Altinkum [the Golden Sands Beach], the Apollo Temple or the nearby hill village Şirince – a week in Turkey is always a worth experience. Didim – a discovery – both internal and external.

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The Geography of Bliss

September 14, 2014

The Geography of Bliss:  a book that uses a mixture of travel, psychology and humor to investigate not what happiness is, but where it is. Are people in Switzerland happier because it is the most democratic country in the world? Do citizens of Qatar find joy in all that cash?

A former correspondent for NPR and the “New York Times” Eric Weiner answers those questions and many others in a witty manner, as the essence of what makes us happy (or unhappy) is basically the same everywhere be it Thailand, India, Iceland…


September 10, 2014

Wishing a Paraglider, an advanced Salsa and Folk Dancer, 5 years later ACCA-er… many happy returns of the day :)



Summer 2014

June 30, 2014

This blog usually gets into a summer mode. And this year is no exception. Summer time – time for midsummer night’s dreams and midsummer daydreams ;-) Have a great time!


Sailing with the winds …


June 29, 2014

A real treasure TED Talk by Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen and break away from the seven deadly sins of speaking:

1) Gossips ; 2) Judging ; 3) Negativity ; 4) Complaining ;
5) Excuses ; 6) Lying ; 7) Dogmatism


Click here for link to the TED Talk

And adopt HAIL

  • H – honesty – being straight and clear.
  • A – authenticity, just being yourself.
  • I – integrity, doing what you say.
  • L – love, wishing people well.


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